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Standup comic helps kids read good

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

We could learn a lesson from a standup comic friend of mine, John Heffron.

A kid reached out looking for help buying books on the internet and out of the kindness of his heart, John got the idea to buy books for his Kindergarten class... for every student for a year. Even John joked 'people are giving me major props for buying these kids books but it really didn't cost that much.' But John, it's your giant heart separates you from the rest of us who would see that kids post and only go 'awww, poor kid' and feel bad but do nothing. We need to support our kids more, our teachers more, our schools more... and this is such an easy generous way you can do it. Pick a class. Buy some books. Spread more smiles like what you see below ❤️

Funny side note... the awesome teacher of this class, Dina Miller Payne, posted this about John's photo in the background: 'I had to show my students who John Heffron was 😁 they were not born when he won Last Comic standing 🤣' #makepositivitylouder #johnheffronrocks