Team Love Army understands that no two events are alike, and that budgets vary drastically depending on the organization.  We want to lend a hand to as many events as possible. We don't believe in flat fee pricing.  Every situation is different so we offer several levels of engagement with flexible pricing where possible.  While we are not able to guarantee we can meet every budget, we are happy to discuss options and always offer advice to help you succeed in your mission.

Clients may choose from the following packages:


  • Hosting or Auctioneering Services:  In this lower priced package, Brett will provide either host or auctioneering services for your event.  He will have a brief consultation with you prior to the event and will leave the planning up to you.  Brett will learn about your organization and items included in live auction, if applicable.  This is a great option for clients with limited budgets.

  • Hosting and Auctioneering Services:  This package assures that Brett will act as both host and auctioneer for your event, giving you the added benefits of continuity and crowd engagement for the entire event.  He will have a brief consultation prior to the event, but will leave the planning up to you.

  • Hosting and Auctioneering with Expert Consultation: If you are looking to take your fundraising efforts to the next level, this is the package for you.  Your organization will enjoy the benefits of expert, hands-on consultation from Brett and his Team Love Army staff in the months leading up to your event, Brett's services as live auctioneer and host at the event, and post-benefit analysis to assess what worked and what can be improved upon for future events.

Contact us today with any questions at all!