Brett jokes around with Dave Grohl & Gwen Stefani as he hosts an amazing fundraiser at Jim Henson Studios. Together they raised more money for children than this Los Angeles School had in 10 years!

Brett hits the morning news talking about how you can help too!

Bringing Laughter
to our military

A few years ago Brett made a long time dream come true with his Band Of Brothers Comedy Tour. Inspired by the great Bob Hope, Brett performed live in Kuwait, Bahrain, Ethiopia, and Addis Ababa to entertain our troops. 

“Bob Hope has always been a huge inspiration. He had a deep love for our troops. He would take the time to get to know everyone personally. Doing wonderfully silly shows, taking our troops out of their heads. Getting them smiling and laughing at a time they needed it most. That is what I wanted to do.” 

Armed with an arsenal of comedians, Brett did just that, bringing a hilarious and heartfelt show from base to base. After spending time one on one with these brave men and women, Brett realized that while it's beyond necessary to give love and laughter overseas, what about the moms, dads, sons, & daughters back home who could really use a laugh? Since then, year after year, Brett joins forces with individuals & organizations all over the country to bring joy to these wonderful families through live comedy while also supplying care packages with DVDs & goodies to send overseas to the amazing men and women who fight for us daily.

"Come support us in a town near you at one of our live shows! Have a loved one overseas who you'd love to send a care package of smiles to? Need to put on a show to help out our veterans? If you, a friend, or family member is in need of laughter and assistance for a military cause, never hesitate to contact me." - Brett

Lust Gardens - Pancreatic Cancer Walk

Brett jumps off stage to join the crowd to kick off this beautiful walk.


For 4 days, Brett brings joy to crowds of 1000's!

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