Host & auctioneer


brett walkow


For over 25 years, Brett Walkow has helped hundreds of organizations change the world through giving.  His passion for helping others and his background in performance art led to the creation of HappyTown Studios, which houses his fundraiser consulting services, live performances, and film production under one roof.  Brett realized that fundraising could be reinvigorated with a different approach, and his creativity has helped numerous clients achieve more than they ever thought possible. The key to this success starts with accessibility to his clients in the months prior to their events.  Successful benefits are created in the planning- the event itself is merely a reflection of preparation and strategy.  The Team Love Army consulting team offers support and planning assistance to events of all sizes, helping organizers identify areas of potential liability while offering creative solutions in a collaborative, relationship-based environment.  Clients can expect an expert analysis of their past events and attendee demographics, making building a strategy for success a breeze. This warm, friendly style extends to the event itself, where Brett's decades of experience as a stand up comedian sets him apart from other hosts and auctioneers.  The Team Love Army approach is based on a simple truth:  When audiences are having fun, they want to give more.  This core value is at the heart of Brett's philosophy.  He makes his events FUN, keeping attendees engaged, attentive, and most importantly, excited about the cause they are supporting.  As an auctioneer, Brett is electric, energizing the crowd and encouraging bids to go sky high.  His wit and charm as a host bring a whole new excitement to the rest of the benefit as well, from silent auction to paddle raise and beyond.  Post-event, clients can opt to receive a constructive, non-biased analysis that details the successes of the evening while identifying areas in need of focus for the next campaign to assure continued financial growth.  Brett and the Team Love Army team know how challenging fundraising can be, and their main focus from start to finish is to make this process a pleasure, allowing their clients to focus on what matters most- making the world a better place.


There was a time when Team Love Army founder Brett Walkow was being buried alive by abuse. Like a flame about to go out, with what little voice he had left, he reached out for help through a post on social media. That post traveled across the country, and what happened then was nothing short of miraculous. Childhood friends, people he met on his travels, even total strangers reached out to help him at a time when almost all hope was lost. He gave these beautiful people a name: The Love Army. Because of their kindness, Brett found the strength to escape abuse, conquer trauma, and build the life he always dreamed of... a life of love, laughter, and most of all, peace. He realized through his journey that he had a greater purpose. There are giant organizations and well known causes that do truly great work helping millions!  But what about those whose illness doesn't fall into a category? The afflictions and struggles that aren't as "media friendly" or well-known?  The child left alone and scared, desperate for someone to just LISTEN? Brett's Love Army evolved into Team Love Army, and our goal is to do what we can to help assure that every person is heard, no matter how small their voice might be.  Brett loves to joke ‘there’s no cause too big… or too small.’  And he means it! From donating his time to entertain our troops overseas, to hosting 8 years of events for Down Syndrome research, to helping a struggling mom raise money in a school basement for her daughter’s disability; Brett has made it his mission to tour the world helping as many people as possible. With Team Love Army, he is able to work with those giant organizations; with small, underfunded charities; and everything in between.  



Brett Walkow has been the annual host for numerous foundations including Cure SMA (4 years), Lumind Down Syndrome (8 years), Los Angeles Fashion Business Institute Fundraiser (5 years), and for a wide variety of schools and organizations nationwide. He has performed with entertainers Melissa McCarthy, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Fallon, and musicians Dave Grohl & Gwen Stefani, just to name a few. His credits also include: The Tonight Show, The Golden Globes, Lollapalooza, The Just For Laughs Montreal Festival, 11 years in Las Vegas at Harrah's & MGM Casinos, Comedy Central, HBO, NBC, FOX, and CBS.  Brett's celebrity talk show ran for 200 episodes and included interviews with guests such as Kevin Nealon, George Wallace, and directors from The Simpsons and Family Guy.  His award-winning short comedy films are viral hits, reaching over 7 million views on YouTube!